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grace kelly ; i worship the holy trinity of 소녀시대 but i gravitate more towards a certain kim taeyeon. soon you'll find me in the anime world of japan where i can eat delicious food all day long and drown in all the fandoms i'm a part of. i like to converse within tags and by converse i mean express my overflowing cup of feels. bye.  %

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"The biggest reason I always do something is because of the fans. Under any circumstance, fans move me."

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I brainfarted before I even reach half way of the process. It says ‘when the hell is this going to freakin be done with’ everywhere. -shrugs- Oh and Connie’s reeks metro in any kind of modern au to me, idkw. 

FYI, Connie's name in romanji in wiki is Konī Supuringā. SUPURINGA.

Clothes reference (x)

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I’m so happy you are Anna, and I’m pleased that I am me. 
I’m thrilled that you are Elsa, and I’m happy that I am me. 

But even more important— we are happy we are WE. 

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